How much does landscaping cost?

The cost of landscaping services can vary widely depending on factors such as the size of your property, the scope of the project, and the specific services required. In Atlanta and surrounding areas, prices may differ based on whether you need basic lawn care, garden design and installation, hardscaping, or ongoing maintenance. To get an accurate estimate tailored to your needs, it’s best to consult with local landscaping professionals like Amigo Fix It. They offer a range of landscaping services designed to enhance your outdoor space, ensuring it remains beautiful and functional year-round.

Landscaping Costs Overview

1. National Average Costs:

2. Costs by Project Scope:

3. Costs by Feature:

Detailed Cost Breakdown

1. General Landscaping:

2. Lawn Mowing:

3. Gardening Services:

4. Laying Sod:

5. Landscape Curbing:

6. Retaining Wall:

7. Fencing:

8. Concrete Patio:

9. Deck:

10. Outdoor Water Fountain:
Cost: $5,127 – $14,436
Sizes and Costs:
4″ diameter, 2′ high curbing: $4,307 – $6,615
8′ diameter, 2′ high curbing: $12,126 – $18,623

11. Inground Pool:
Cost: $21,947 – $84,836
Types and Costs:
Fiberglass (300-950 sq. ft.): $21,947 – $53,373
Vinyl-lined (300-950 sq. ft.): $29,714 – $77,000
Concrete (450 sq. ft., plaster): $40,350 – $61,967
Concrete (450 sq. ft., tile): $55,242 – $84,836

12. Tree Removal:
Cost: $412 – $2,839 per tree
Large Trees (24″-36″ diameter):
Greater than 30′ across: $1,562 – $4,117
Less than 30′ across: $976 – $2,573

13. Tree Stump Grinding:
Cost: $61 – $182 per stump
Sizes and Costs:
Under 12″ diameter: $33 – $88
12″ – 24″ diameter: $67 – $176
24″ – 36″ diameter: $100 – $264

Budgeting Tips for Landscaping

  1. Start Small: Tackle one project at a time to manage costs and effort.
  2. Propagation: Grow new plants from parts of existing ones to save money.
  3. DIY: Handle simpler tasks yourself to cut down on labor costs.
  4. Reduce Lawn Size: Replace grass with hardscaping or low-maintenance plants.
  5. Xeriscaping: Utilize drought-resistant plants and hardscaping to conserve water and reduce maintenance.
  6. Seasonal Deals: Look for discounts and special offers during the off-season or from newer businesses.

Considerations Before Investing




Best Time to Landscape: Depends on the project and climate; consult with local professionals.

Negotiating Prices: Possible during slow business periods, for large projects, or when bundling services.

By understanding these cost factors and tips, homeowners can make informed decisions about their landscaping projects and how to budget effectively.

Are you looking to hire landscaping professionals near you?

Finding the right team for your landscaping needs is crucial to achieving the outdoor space of your dreams. In Atlanta and surrounding areas, Amigo Fix It offers expert landscaping services tailored to enhance your property’s beauty and functionality. Whether you’re in need of routine maintenance, garden design, or hardscaping, our skilled professionals are ready to transform your outdoor environment. Contact Amigo Fix It today to discuss how we can help bring your landscaping vision to life with quality and care.